Breakfast on the Blackstone Griddle

Cooking breakfast on the Blackstone Griddle has become one of my favorite meals and nearly a daily go-to. My griddle was a birthday gift from my wife and since receiving it not a day goes by that I am not at this new griddle cooking delicious meals. However, I want to share how I like to cook a full breakfast on the Blackstone griddle. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the Blackstone is the most convenient way to prepare quick meals or a breakfast feast.

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I have a family of four to feed and my two teenage boys love to eat. I can tell you that the 28″ Blackstone Griddle is plenty big for cooking our favorite recipes for the four of us. One of the great things about the large flat cooking surface of the griddle is that I can lay out an entire pack of bacon and cook it all at once and still have room for sausage and hash browns.

The Blackstone cast iron flat top cooking surface cooks bacon nice and as crispy as you like. Not to mention that the taste is always excellent. The bacon remains flat while cooking and I find that the Blackstone cooks the bacon evenly even without a bacon press. I think this is the main benefit of a Blackstone, you are getting a more even cast-iron heat displacement ideal for cooking with no hot spots. It’s like having a massive cast-iron pan. Cast iron has always been my go-to pan for frying bacon, breakfast sausage, and eggs.

Breakfast on the Blackstone Griddle

The 28″ Blackstone griddle has dual burners and for breakfast, I turn both sides of the griddle down to just a few marks above low. I prefer to keep the temperature a little lower and be able to control the cook more. Your cooks on a Blackstone can start moving pretty quick if you allow the griddle to get too hot.

The Blackstone does have a nice convenient rear drain and pushing the bacon grease off is super easy. However, if you enjoy a good fried egg at breakfast then you will want to leave a nice thin layer of that bacon grease to fry your eggs. Several Blackstone products are available based on your personal preferences for your griddle breakfast. You can purchase a complete Blackstone Breakfast Kit for an additional cost and choose to cook your eggs in the available egg rings. Blackstone also offers a large spatula that you will certainly need and use in your griddle cooking.

Like the bacon, the large cooking surface of the Blackstone griddle allows you to cook as many eggs as you need at once. In my case, I fry up six eggs over easy and then scramble a couple for those who don’t care for fried eggs.

Breakfast on the Blackstone griddle is truly the most convenient and easiest breakfast you can whip up to feed multiple people with ease. Prior to getting my griddle, it would take me 45 min to an hour to cook breakfast. Frying up bacon, sausage, and followed with eggs which are typically only three at once in a cast-iron skillet. The Blackstone truly cuts the cooking time down to a matter of minutes.

One thing that I have yet to try is grilling pancakes. I’ll save that for next time but I can imagine that you can feed a large crowd some perfect pancakes off the griddle.

Cleaning the Blackstone Griddle

When you finish cooking breakfast on the Blackstone, cleaning the griddle is actually easier than cleaning up the kitchen. As I mentioned the Blackstone has a drain at the center rear which allows for draining grease and scraping any stuck-on remanence into a small aluminum catch basket. While the griddle is hot, I take the wide scraper and clean the entire surface. If the griddle is super messy, you can take a small cup of water and pour it on the hot surface and wipe it down really well. Be sure not to burn yourself because the steam from the water hitting the hot surface is very hot.

After the water is wiped up and the surface is nice and clean, you have the option of using some of the bacon grease or vegetable oil to apply a nice thin protective layer. This coating of oil does two things. First, it protects the surface from forming any rust being in the outdoors. Secondly, it helps to season your griddle and provides non-stick qualities to the griddle.

In the end, clean-up is less than five minutes and after I let mine completely cool off I come back and put the cover on until it is time to cook again. If I have one regret, I do wish I would have purchased the Blackstone with the lid. By not having the lid you can not be lazy and leave the griddle uncovered outside. You would certainly experience some rust if you were to do so. I know there are some aftermarket lids available for the 28″ Blackstone, but I would certainly opt for buying the version with the closing lid.

If you have been shopping for tabletop griddles or ready to purchase a Blackstone griddle, first and foremost I highly recommend purchasing one. They truly do live up to the hype and there are unlimited delicious recipes available for cooking. My wife ordered mine from Blackstone directly but you can also purchase them here from Amazon or in Walmart stores at a great price. As I mentioned above, if I could do it again I would get the 28″ Blackstone with the covered lid.

If you have recently purchased your griddle and are looking for Blackstone griddle recipes, I would certainly start with a nice breakfast like the one I’ve shared with you here.

A little toast, jelly, and a fresh pot of coffee, and you may realize that hands down the best breakfast just might be a Blackstone griddle breakfast.

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