Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

It’s that time of year again and that one question has been beckoning your brain for the last few days, “What to get Dad for Father’s Day?” We have constructed our top 10 Father’s Day Gift ideas list for those Dads who love to grill.

If your Dad enjoys grilling like we do, we are here to help! We thought long and hard about this list but primarily it is a list of the items that we either grill with constantly or have on our own wish list.

These products are at the high end of the grilling spectrum. The Crème de la crème. However, rest assured they are needed to make life around the grill easier, they up your dad’s grilling game, and best of all they will last and bring him years of grilling enjoyment.

So let’s jump right into my Father’s Day Gift ideas! Each of the items on our list is available on Amazon and can certainly be ordered and delivered in time for Father’s Day which falls on June 18th this year. You can click directly from our list below and order.

Disclaimer, yes would get paid a small commission from Amazon if you do. Of course, we do appreciate it as doing so helps support the blog.

2023 Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Grilling

1. Weber Genesis E-325S Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The new Weber Genesis gas grill lineup is absolutely fantastic. I personally just purchased one for myself after grilling on my first Genesis for 21 years. Fun fact, the day my wife and I closed on our home I went to Home Depot and purchased my Weber Genesis 3 Burner gas grill. Brought it home and set it on deck. It has been there ever since and to this day, lights and burns like a champ. However, after 21 years the stand has rusted through and it was time to replace it. I absolutely love this new Genesis and the new burner system.

2. Weber charcoal 22″ Original Kettle Grill

Regardless of how great that new Weber Genesis gas grill is, nothing beats having the original Weber Charcoal Kettle Grill. The Weber Kettle is hands down the most versatile grill you can buy. When you are craving the good ol taste of charcoal or when you want to slow smoke your favorite meat, you just can not beat the Weber Kettle charcoal grill. I often use the kettle grill with wood chips to smoke chicken, chicken wings, pork loin, and ribs. The taste is something you just can not get off of a gas grill.

3. ThermoPro Lightning Instant Read Thermometer

After the grill choice, the very first step in taking Dad’s grill game up a notch is this MUST-HAVE ThermoPro Lightning Instant Read Thermometer. Even the best grill masters roaming the land depend on a thermometer to get that internal temperature dialed to perfection. As he learns internal cook temps for just about everything he’ll cook on the grill, being able to serve it to perfection will certainly get the kids and neighbors talking.

4. Silicone Heat Resistant Marinading Grill Brush

Stop wasting time with hair BBQ basting brushes that burn, harden, and become impossible to clean much less spread your favorite sauce. These hi-temperature heat-resistant silicone marinading brushes are a grilling game changer. Great for mixing and basting your favorite BBQ sauces and marinades. They are super easy to rinse off and of course, they are dishwasher safe.

5. Boos Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Number 5 on the list is John Boos cutting board. This board makes it easy to carry meats, spices, and supplies from the kitchen to the grill. When that meat is done, reload it with hot off-the-grill cooks and you have the perfect resting place and carving station. Since 1887 Boos has been making premium cooking and kitchen products in Effingham, Illinois. This is a one is a generational gift for Dad that will last lifetimes.

6. Weber Rapidfire Charcoal Chimney Starter

Remove the one hurdle of grilling with charcoal, the time it takes to get the charcoal grill ready. With the Weber Rapidfire Chimney, you simply fill it with charcoal and using paper or firestarter cubes, light them and place the chimney over it and your coals will be lit and cook ready within 10 – 15 minutes. Nothing reduces the preparation time and makes charcoal grilling easier than a good charcoal chimney starter. It is a must for Dad’s grill arsenal.

7. Grill Rescue BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush

I’ll be honest with you, this one is on my Father’s Day Gift list also! I have not personally used this one, but I’m convinced it is the way to go. I no longer care to use the steel brushes on my grills. Not to mention hearing about people’s experiences finding a metal wire in their food or even worse having swallowed it from the steel brush used to clean and scrape the grill. This one uses water soaked course pad for safe and effective cleaning.

8. Weber Char-Basket Charcoal Holders

Charcoal baskets do a couple of things for Dad’s charcoal grill. First, they enable him to control the heat and easily move the charcoal around inside the grill for more control of direct and indirect heat when grilling. Secondly, they allow the charcoal to burn more completely and efficiently instead of wasted unburned coal when just dumped and spread out on the grill grate. Lastly, these make cleanup easier by just dumping out the charcoal holders.

9. Weber Smoker Box for Gas Grill

If Dad is a gas grill-only man but wants to add smoke flavor to his cooks, then the Weber Smoker Box for wood chips is a must. These boxes are stainless steel and long-lasting. He will just simply add his favorite water-soaked wood chips and place it on the gas grill and voilà! Adds delicious smoke flavor to his favorite meats, veggies, and grilling repertoire.

10. Blackstone Griddle

A list for Grillmaster Dads would not be complete without the option for a Blackstone Griddle. Blackstone griddles are now available in an unlimited number of sizes and options, however, my personal favorite is the 28-inch Blackstone griddle with the hood (or lid). It is the perfect size when cooking for 2 to 6 people. I have a family of four and the 28-inch provides plenty of griddle space to cook up enough food for everyone. Can’t go wrong with a Blackstone!

I hope you enjoy this list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas! Be sure to browse my grilling recipes to see these products in action! A lot of my recommendations are for Weber Grill products (I just personally find the quality to be first-class and industry-leading), be sure to visit them directly to learn more.

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